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Online PGCert Design for Learning Environments: curriculum

Curriculum Details

The Online PGCert Design for Learning Environments is a 60-credit programme which takes one year to complete. There are six 10-credit modules, each module lasting 8 weeks in total. You will enrol onto these modules sequentially, building your knowledge of the various perspectives of learning and the application of technology and data. During the programme you will also be invited to design your own learning exercises, further enriching your understanding of the learning process.

Unable to commit to the full year programme?

We also offer short, 8-week Design for Learning Environments courses, each worth 10 credits toward the full postgraduate certificate in instructional design. These courses offer the same academic qualities and access to the same resources as the full PGCert.

Core courses

Learn about the role and skills of the designer, examine the processes used to develop designs and designed artefacts that deliver user experiences in any learning environment.

Create your own digital artefacts for use in a learning environment using a piece of contemporary technology.

Understand the fundamentals of data analysis using appropriate tools and frameworks to evaluate teaching and learning, and to report findings to a variety of audiences with the aim of understanding the effectiveness of learning.

Explore different perspectives on how we learn and how to help others learn, you will cover the behavioural, cognitive, social, and networked perspectives on learning and evaluate approaches for application in your own learning environment.

Analyse learning environments from the perspective of connecting the social, physical, and digital in networks of the human and non-human to challenge perspectives of online and offline learning.

Learn to pitch an idea and present a design to a variety of different stakeholders, while enhancing your own learning experience through group feedback and ‘flipped learning’.

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