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Online PGCert Design for Learning Environments: career outlook

Make your mark in online education

Bringing together ideas from design, technology, education, social science, data science and digital development, this programme will equip you with a diverse set of skills. This range of experience is key to creating better learning environments and giving you an advantage in a thriving EdTech market.

For students keen to progress in this field, the choice of roles available includes instructional designer, digital learning designer, learning experience designer, learning architect, e-learning designer, learning technologist, learning developer, digital learning officer and learning adviser.

Thanks to the broad range of subjects covered, this programme is suitable for everyone from university students and in-house training teams to private learning specialists and CPD providers.

Learning Designer:


A Learning Designer works with academics and other subject matter experts to create and deliver online learning environments and experiences across a range of disciplinary and educational contexts. You may also need to support learning environments through community management, promoting collaboration and discussion through social media technologies.3

Head of E-learning:


An E-Learning Manager, or Head of E-learning, is responsible for driving the operational and strategic management and development of e-learning services, projects and activities for an organisation. Working often as part of the company’s HR team, you will ensure staff and management are trained to the appropriate level, drawing on a number of different learning environments and techniques.4

Additional roles include:

  • E-learning Designer
  • Learning Technologist
  • Academic Developer in Learning Technology
  • Digital Learning Officer
  • Learning Adviser
  • Learning Developer
  • Instructional Designer
  • E-Learning Developer
  • Performance Consultant
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Digital Learning Designer
“The course represents the cutting edge of this industry and equips the student with the broad range of valuable skills required to play an integral part of any learning design team. The lecturers are highly qualified, experienced and extremely knowledgable, the materials are accessible and the assessment methods are valid. I cannot recommend the course highly enough.”
– Tyrone Bishop, Online PGCert Design for Learning Environments Graduate, United Kingdom

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