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Funding your postgraduate experience at UoB

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If you’re certain that returning to education is the right choice for you, it’s time to navigate the payment methods available. To help explore the potential routes for funding, we’ve explained some options in detail below.

1) The Postgraduate Loan from Student Finance England

The Postgraudate Loan provides eligible applicants with up to £10,280 (GBP). It is paid directly to you (as opposed to the University) and it is your responsibility to allocate the installments you receive. In short, you organise the loan and pay your tuition fees to us.

Since the total amount does not cover the full tuition cost of the Online MBA, Online MSc International Management, Online Masters of Public Administration, or Online LLM Energy and Environmental Law, you would need to make up the difference between your loan amount and our module fee payments.

To be eligible for the loan, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Under the age of 60
  • A UK or EU national who has lived in England for at least three years
  • Residing within the UK for the duration of your programme
  • Applying to study a postgraduate degree (such as our Online MBA, Online MSc International Management, Online Masters of Public Administration or Online LLM Energy and Environmental Law)

The Postgraduate Loan is also only available in England; there are separate loans for those who live in WalesScotland and Northern Ireland.

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2) Funding from your employer

If you think your employer would consider helping you pay for one of our programmes, you’ll need to make a strong case and to back it up with evidence.

It helps to think of this as similar to a job application; you are effectively trying to sell yourself as valuable investment. Your continuing professional development can be as beneficial to your employer as it is to you, so think about the advantages from their perspective.

When making your case, be sure to include the following:

  • The skills and/or experience you have to offer
  • How you have prepared for postgraduate study
  • Your career goals (and how they suit your employer’s)

Your employer may expect a return for their contribution. For example, you might be asked to sign a contract stating that you’ll work for that company for a set period of time, or otherwise repay the cost of your programme.

We suggest that both you and your employer have a clear understanding of your commitments and expectations before studying takes place. This includes discussing who pays the tuition fees direct, how much funding you will receive and if you are allowed flexi-time to work around your studies.

3) Scholarships

While we don’t offer scholarships specifically for our 100% online programmes, you may still be eligible to apply for a scholarship from your country. Take a look at our list of scholarships for international students by country, along with eligibility criteria and application deadlines.

In addition, there may also be other UK-based scholarships you can apply for too. Contact The British Council or Embassy in your country to find out more.

Not all scholarships are open to students applying to study online. Each will have it’s own eligibility criteria. Be sure to check through potential scholarships carefully before you apply.

Like the Postgraduate Loan, applying for and arranging a scholarship is your responsibility. The University of Birmingham cannot organise these for you.

Our best advice is to contact your country’s Ministry of Education and ask for details on potential support programmes before you apply.

These funding methods are just some of the options available. Our Money Matters financial guide for postgraduate students contains more information about these funding options and others that may be less well-known.

If you are clear on funding options and ready to apply, please fill out our request for information form and a member of our Admissions Team will contact you.

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