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5 ways to show you are ready for more responsibility at work

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We often question how we can showcase our abilities to take on more responsibility at work and advance our careers – particularly as competition in the workplace remains tough for those who are new to business. That’s why we’ve come up with five ways you could demonstrate your readiness for more and, perhaps, how an Online MSc International Management could help:

1) Macro insights:

If you’re looking to advance your career in business, you will need to understand that working environments will differ both by country and by culture. If you are able to critically analyse strategies with relevant global theories – or demonstrate a systematic understanding of overseas operations – you would be able to offer employers a unique macro view and approach to issues at hand.

An Online MSc International Management provides this type of global perspective – particularly in modules such as ‘International Business’, ‘Managing Global Operations’ and ‘Managing Global Service’.

2) Lead by example:

A great business leader is someone who has clear goals and is able to motivate others with a clear direction in mind. However, it is the ability to share that focus and direction effectively that requires a different set of skills and values such as empathy, excellent communications skills and tact.

As an early career professional, being able to learn some of these qualities (via group assignments), will help to enhance your people management skills and drive your team forward in the future.

3) Represent your company’s brand:

Marketing incorporates everything from branding to social media. It even includes how and where you network. As a result, you are likely to find that marketing is something you do every day. It’s important that you consciously speak with a ‘single corporate voice’, not offering clients mixed messages which stray from the central brand.

We offer two modules in marketing to provide insight on the nature of this concept and how the marketing function fits within a global organisation. You would also learn how external stakeholders have a role in (and engage with) marketing activity.

4) Pioneering spirit:

Business growth is driven by creativity – finding innovative ways to address challenges and generate a strategic long-term vision. It’s important to demonstrate that you have the gumption for positive change by identifying new opportunities to achieve broader organizational outcomes.

Our module on ‘Global entrepreneurship’ offers students a chance to get their creative juices flowing. You would learn to diagnose the pitfalls (and problems) of new ventures and learn the mechanisms for growth in a global market.

5) Project orchestration:

From communicating with clients and external stakeholders to managing budgets and assessing risk – ensuring the effective delivery of project-based initiatives requires great time management skills, personal discipline and a mindset to make important things happen.

Project management is a skill that you would develop if you undertake this graduate programme – juggling both personal and work commitments with the greater goal of obtaining a masters-level qualification.

If you are looking to accelerate your career in business and feel that studying an Online MSc International Management could help, please fill out our request for information form or contact our admissions team for more information.

*An original version of this article can be found here.

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