“During my first online session, I was simply amazed…”

The digital revolution is gathering pace. According to GMAC’s latest application trends survey, the demand for online could begin to surpass campus.¹ To find out why this might be, we’ve interviewed one of our current Online MBA students, Ceridwen Scerri.

Ceridwen works as a research analyst for the Maltese Government’s Ministry for the Economy. It’s a job she enjoys so when considering undertaking an MBA, she didn’t want to have to move away and stop working:

“An Online MBA is a win-win scenario for busy people like myself. I can keep my job while further educating myself. And I can study in my own time, and at my own pace.”

She adds: “I also wanted a degree which would open up new challenges and opportunities. With an MBA there are a vast number of opportunities for employment in various fields ranging from marketing to business strategy and finance.”

Within business it’s vital to build up your understanding of the world and make global links. The Online MBA does just that, bringing together students from all over. For Ceridwen this was a real plus point: “An Online MBA provides you with the thrilling experience of connecting globally through your computer. During my first online session, I was simply amazed as the class went live with students from America, Australia, Africa and Asia.” However, she adds with caution: “Regular communication with lecturers and students is crucial.”

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“With each module, experts join the course. So far, I’ve had lecturers from New Zealand, Malaysia, Israel and the UK. I don’t think that this can be experienced on-campus, to the same extent”, she says.

Ceridwen hasn’t yet finished her course but feels she is benefiting: “I’ve gained a lot both professionally and personally. It’s made me much more competitive and goal-orientated, it’s benefited my resume, it’s increased the trust my superiors have in me and I’m being given tasks beyond my paygrade.”

“From the modules covered so far, Accounting and Finance is the one which has helped me the most. Finally, I can make sense of annual reports and use them for effective decision-making. After my MBA, I plan to work internationally and teach European Studies. With the managerial experience that comes with it, the MBA will give me an edge.”

Where could a Birmingham MBA take you?

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¹ Estrada-Worthington, R. 2016 Application Trends Survey Report. GMAC. Available at: http://www.gmac.com/market-intelligence-and-research/research-library/admissions-and-application-trends/2016-application-trends-survey-report.aspx [Accessed 16/02/2017].