UK entrepreneur expands business using insights gained from Online MBA

With accreditation from the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the 100% Online MBA offers current student, Florence Britton, a gateway to learning that fits alongside her busy career. Director of Rainbow Care Solutions, Florence set up her business from scratch in 2005 and has developed her organisation both in the UK and internationally:

“I wanted to acquire the latest management techniques and problem solving skills that I can use to run my company more effectively,” she explained.

“The MBA has given me a chance to step back, get away from my daily routine, and view the world from a much wider perspective.”

However, one of her biggest challenges lies in the fact that so many care professionals come from the European Union. In the UK, 80,000 workers in the adult social care sector come from EU countries¹.

“Brexit is a source of growing concern for companies like my own. It will make it difficult to recruit nationals from the European Union, who are the backbone of the care industry,” Florence explains.

She’s using insight gained from the MBA to help expand her business in a post-Brexit Britain, via concepts based on concrete theory, proven to work across varied economies and socio-political environments.

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It is these types of contemporary management techniques and problem-solving skills that she can use and apply to her company in real-time:

“I wanted to have the opportunity to gain a much broader perspective on the business world, without having to take a break from the day-to-day responsibilities of running my own business,” she continued.

This has generated significant improvements:

“For every module that I have studied, I have done something to improve my business. When we completed the strategy module, I redeveloped my company’s strategy. When we completed the marketing module, I redesigned the marketing plan. We have just completed the operations management module and, using the knowledge gained, I’m currently working to manage our service more effectively.”

That’s not all - thanks to the online community Florence is now a part of, she has exchanged her experiences with professionals from a range of backgrounds across the world:

“Studying the MBA has helped me as a person too. Through live sessions, I’ve networked with all sorts of different people that have already challenged my preconceptions of the world, and will help me to become a more rounded person,” she concludes.

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¹MCKENNA, H. (2016) Five big issues for health and social care after the Brexit vote. The Kings Fund [online] Available at: [Accessed 30/08/2017]

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