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Your application: everything you need to know for online study

Once you’ve decided to pursue further education online, it’s time to put an application together.

Assuming you meet the criteria to apply (including English language proficiency, professional experience and academic requirements), and you have talked through your funding options with our Admissions Team, you’re ready to get started.

For those who are looking to apply to the Online MBA, Online MSc International Business or Online Masters of Public Administration, here is everything you need to know for submitting your application:

1.Stand out through your supporting documents

As well as your CV, which will act to verify your skills and experience, you will need to submit a statement of purpose, two or three references (depending on previous experience) and your previous academic transcripts.

Your statement of purpose is your chance to explain your motivation for applying, your educational and professional background, and why you feel the online programme is right for you.

Remember to talk about your objectives: what do you hope the degree will help you to achieve and the skills you would gain as a result. Think carefully about what you will bring to the programme; we’re looking for active students who can inspire themselves as well as others!

References must be from an academic or professional contact, such as a university tutor or your employer, and not a personal acquaintance. Remember to state your relationship for each of your referees too.

Your references can be in the form of letters of recommendation, sent via email or post, or as a transcribed recording. All references must be accompanied by either a wet signature, letterhead or a business card relating to your chosen contact.

Lastly, you will need to submit previous academic transcripts to verify your previous educational background legitimately. This can be sent directly from the institution you previously studied at, or you can have them notarised.       

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2.What about an interview?

Every application – whether you’re looking to study online or on campus - is treated on an individual basis. In some cases, we will need to know a bit more about you to further assess your eligibility, so we may ask you to speak to the programme director for an informal chat about why you would like to study the programme.

For example, if you do not have a degree or you have less than three years’ managerial experience but would like to study for the Online MBA, we will probably ask you for an interview. This simply helps to better understand your strengths and capabilities.

3.Have your application reviewed by an expert

Once you are ready to apply, email your application and supporting documents to your dedicated Student Recruitment Coordinator for review.

They will check through your CV and statement of purpose against the criteria they know the course director will look for and suggest any areas for improvement.

Our Student Recruitment Coordinators are there to support you throughout the application process with guidance, advice and honest feedback. They are on hand to answer any questions you may have about what to expect from your chosen programme, so it’s good to be in regular contact with them until you start the programme.

It’s worth noting that applications close for each intake at least one month before the start date. Make sure you’re fully prepared and submit all your documents in time.

4.How long will you have to wait for a decision?

Once you submit your application, we will review every aspect in detail and with care. As a Russell Group university, we stick to a rigorous, case-by-case evaluation process and aim to give you a decision on your application within 45 days.

You will receive an unconditional or a conditional offer, or a rejection, after which you will not be able to reapply for at least 12 months.

Get started today

We can help you with every step of the application process. Download a brochure today to get started on yours.

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