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Online MSc International Management: curriculum

Curriculum Details

The Online MSc International Management curriculum is worth 180 credits and takes approximately two and a half years to complete. You will take six 10 credit modules in your first year, followed by six 10 credit modules in your second year, with each module lasting approximately 8 weeks in total. You will enrol onto these modules sequentially and will build specialist business knowledge as you progress through your studies.

You will complete all taught studies in the Online MSc International Management curriculum before you begin your dissertation. This is a 60 credit research project that will take approximately 6 months to complete.

Core modules


Gain a general introduction to the nature of ‘global’ and ‘glocal’ marketing – and learn how this function fits within a multi-national corporation. Study how actors outside of the core marketing function have a role in, and engage in, marketing activity.

It is hard to imagine any business masters programme without at least an introduction to finance and accounting. This subject is crucial for the early career manager to grasp. Whatever your profession, junior managers must be able to interpret and apply financial information in decision making.

Gain a general introduction to operations and process management across extended international networks. Learn how the operations function fits within global businesses and explore how actors outside the core operations function have a role in, and engage in, the management of processes.

Examining the consequences of behaviour in organisations as a result of the management process, study the links between psychology, organisational psychology, organisational sociology and management science.

Develop your knowledge of the global economic and business environment and use this knowledge to inform the development of strategy for managing in dynamic global markets and contexts. Study theoretical prescription and become firmly immersed in the real practice of global business management.

Learn the basic concepts, principles, and major analytical approaches used in strategic management decision making. The module will anchor the field of strategy in its historical and academic roots. In so doing, you will gain a foundation for critical assessment of theoretical and empirical approaches to strategy.

Gain an understanding of the economic and the wider geo-political and social context in which businesses operate. In so doing, learn the foundations of contemporary macro and micro-economics and identify the linkages between economic analysis and government policy.

Demonstrating that entrepreneurship is not confined to the context of new ventures or start-ups alone, this module looks at innovation through ideas, inventions, products, services, processes and technology.

Learn how to improve organisations to make them better for customers and service providers. Develop your understanding of the concepts, tools and techniques taught previously relating to process design and delivery. By taking a broad view, you will look at service from a marketing, organisational behaviour, strategy and behavioural psychology perspective.

Bringing together previous module content, gain a better understanding of how organisations work. Taking a broadly holistic approach, you will learn to explain and enhance the performance of organisations, whether public, private or not-for-profit.

Build upon the basic foundations laid by the international marketing module and extend the depth of knowledge about the development of global marketing strategies, and their implementation. Refine your ability to make marketing decisions – and explore the impact of such decisions upon the long-term evolution of markets and market structures (in terms of customers, competitors and market channels).

Review the range of research strategies available, as well as the specific methodologies, tools and techniques that can be applied within these strategies. Learn a range of analytical techniques and explore the use of ‘big data’. This module provides critical preparation for the main dissertation module.

The dissertation is submitted to fulfil the requirements for the award of the MSc International Business degree. The subject of the dissertation can be related to your work environment or tailored to your own business interests.

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