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Business case study webinars

People walking around a large open gallery room

Online business case study tutorial – attracting a wider audience in museums

Description: Dr Mike Shulver explores a strategy employed by The Geological Museum, who set out to ‘promote discovery, understanding and enjoyment of the natural world.’ This type of service sector innovation and change applies to multiple modules on the University of Birmingham’s online business courses.
Photo of two giraffes

Online business case study tutorial – reinventing the zoo experience for visitors

Description: Dr Mike Shulver explores the way in which Singapore Zoo reinvented the consumer experience. He also explains how the online business courses at the University of Birmingham benefit students.
Three plates with local cuisine from Mumbai

Online business case study tutorial – lunch delivery in Mumbai

Description: Explore the logistics of lunch deliveries made by the Mumbai Tiffin Box Suppliers Association (MTBSA), learn how this organisation deals with fluctuations in demand and hear questions from attendees and learn about the online business courses available.
Pirate flag with skull above two crossed swords

Online business case study tutorial – the evolving music industry

Description: From records to tapes, CDs to MP3 files and live streaming online, the music industry has gone through rapid change in recent years. Find out how this type of change has negatively impacted the supply chain and learn more about our online business courses.
Man standing in front of a hair salon

Online business case study tutorial – deconstructing services

Description: QBNET is a brand of men’s hairdressers which revolutionised the hairdressing industry in Japan. Compare profit margins and differences in efficiency. Transfer this type of operations management to other industries and find out what else you could be learning on either of our online business courses.
Image of a service bell

Online business case study tutorial – performance management in the hotel industry

Description: In this webinar, Dr Mike Shulver looks at the service concept of a UK-based hotel group and deconstructs the strategies employed by this hotel. Hear a Q&A session at the end of the tutorial to learn more about the Online MBA and Online MSc International Business.