10 reasons why you should study your postgraduate degree online

Increasingly, students all over the world are choosing to study online as it offers several advantages for those who wish to earn while they learn, or simply attend a particular university abroad without incurring the travel and living costs¹.

If you are unsure that studying online would suit you, here are the top ten reasons why you should consider remote learning.

1) It’s affordable

While the price of an online postgraduate degree can vary depending on the subject you’d like to study and the university you’re planning to study at, there are no additional costs, such as relocation to campus. You’re also getting an excellent return on investment, as you can continue to work alongside your studies.

The cost of the different courses we offer are specified below:

If you’re hoping to study outside the UK, the price of these courses stay the same wherever you’re located – so you won’t have to pay more if you’re an international student. Most students follow a clear payment plan and while there are no scholarships available for the above courses, applicants can apply for funding opportunities on our website.

2) Study where you want, when you want

With an online course there are no restrictions to where and when you study. It’s for this reason that current Online MBA student, Andrew Lavin, would recommend studying online to anyone who doesn’t have the time to commit to campus - seeking flexibility with their studies:

“I chose online mainly due to my travel commitments: I spend a large proportion of time on aeroplanes and in hotels for work, so it gives me adequate time to complete both reading and assignments,” he states.

3) Apply your learning immediately

A huge benefit of studying online is that you get to make use of your new hard and soft skills straight away. Not only will this help to cement what you’ve learnt, it benefits your career too – your employer is bound to be impressed.

Many of our current online students have already witnessed the benefits of this. For one of our students, choosing to study the Online MSc International Business paid dividends when she landed her dream job at major jewellery manufacturer, Pandora, just four months after starting the course:

“[I can] prioritise work and education without one eliminating or overshadowing the other. I’ve gained a deeper insight into many aspects of an international business and I’ve been able to apply theories in my work activities,” she says.

4) Respected and credible qualifications

Since online programmes are becoming more popular, their credibility is growing. For example, at the University of Birmingham, our Online MBA is the world’s first 100% Online MBA to receive accreditation by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Employers also appreciate the commitment that’s required to study an online course whilst remaining in employment – your extra effort is unlikely to go unrecognised:

“[Studying online has] increased the trust my superiors have in me and I’m being given tasks beyond my paygrade.” Current Online MBA student, Ceridwen Scerri.

5) Accessible worldwide

Thanks to the internet, education is so much more accessible than it used to be. Students from all over the world can now access high quality institutions without ever making the journey to campus.

The University of Birmingham is proud to teach such a diverse range of students. Across our Online MSc International Business, Online MBA and Online Masters of Public Administration, 64% of our students are international, studying in 55 different countries.

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6) Interact with a diverse group of students

With a diverse classroom comes a diverse network. Studying online means that you can benefit from limitless networking opportunities. Ceridwen Scerri, a Malta-based Online MBA student says that connecting with students from across the globe is a “thrilling experience”.

“During my first online session, I was simply amazed as the class went live with students from America, Australia, Africa and Asia,” she remarks. “I don’t think that this can be experienced on campus, to the same extent.”

7) Experience the latest developments in educational technology

Another major benefit of learning online is you get to experience the latest educational technology first-hand, including virtual reality, augmented reality, 360-degee camera, campus tours and live sessions. It’s a lot more immersive than you might expect - see for yourself!

8) As interactive as a classroom

Distance learning used to be a rather lonely practice, but not anymore. Some students would argue that online courses offer greater interactivity than a standard classroom – thanks to the technologies mentioned above.

Ian Myatt, Director of Educational Enterprise, says: “There’s no doubt that with Skype, video and audio conferencing, messaging services and shared documents, there are many ways in which you can collaborate with each other online that are actually more efficient and effective than in a face-to-face environment.”

9) You’ll be taught by the same globally-respected professors

Our courses are all taught by respected and globally recognised faculty who are leaders in their field – so students still learn the latest teaching and research as if they were studying on campus.

You won’t be missing out by choosing to study online. In most cases, you’ll, learn the same skills and have the same outcomes. Even the certificate you receive at the end of your course is the same.

Helena Feibert, an Online MSc International Business student at the University of Birmingham, says the course has everything that’s found in a campus course: “As everything is mandatory it enforces interactivity and a similar learning curve for all students,” she explains. “You have to be as much engaged to an online course as an onsite one. There are no free rides, and that is one of its appeals.”

10) Instant career support

As soon as you accept your offer from the University of Birmingham, you will be given access to our fantastic careers team, who you can speak to online. Again, this means you receive the same help and support than if you were learning on-site.

If you are interested in studying your postgraduate degree online and would like further information, please fill out our request for information form or call +44 (0)800 032 7101 to speak to a member of our admissions team.


1) CHMURA, M. et. al (2016) Babson Study: Distance Education Enrollment Growth Continues [online] Available at: https://onlinelearningconsortium.org/news_item/babson-study-distance-education-enrollment-growth-continues-2/ [Accessed 21.12.2016]

*Prices are subject to change each academic year.