Webinars reveal what it’s like to study online

We believe that the best way to decide if studying online is right for you is by witnessing it first-hand. 

To give you a behind-the-scenes view of the business and public sector domains, our webinars help you to decide: 

1) If the subject matter we offer will align with your career goals
2) Whether the online environment will suit your needs

We offer a range of informative and engaging free webinars – from programme overviews, to demos and case studies on a monthly basis or as part of our webinar library (which contains all previous webinars for you to watch whenever and wherever it suits you).

The different types of webinars we offer are: 

1) Course information webinars – which explore programme content, how it’s taught and introduce you to key members of faculty.

2) Case study webinars - an opportunity to see how real organisations tackle unique business - or public sector - challenges and how our online programmes could help you develop related skills.

3) Live demos – as the name suggests, these sessions feature a real-time presentation element, such as a live tour of the online learning platform and an exclusive preview of the modules which students undertake.

Across all previous case study sessions, 95 percent of attendees who gave feedback said they would attend sessions again in the future. For course information webinars, this was 97 percent*. 

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Our webinars have also received:

1) More than 3,000 webinar sign-ups
2) Over 830 live attendees
3) 21,000 video playbacks

We’ve found that these types of sessions are really beneficial for those who contemplate the prospect of studying with us. As one current student (and previous webinar attendee) explains:

“The webinar was really engaging and relatable to most industries. It was interesting to hear other people’s perspectives too. I'm convinced this format is the best way for me to broaden my horizons!”  Claire Brandon, current Online MBA student.

Lastly, our live webinar sessions are a chance for you to ask any questions you might have when applying to study online. If you’d like to find out more about online study and even the date of our next session, please fill out the request information form and a member of our Admissions Team will be in touch. 

*This data was collected between August 2015 and June 2017.

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