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Three reasons to attend a webinar

Returning to education can feel like a daunting prospect. First you need to know you’re making the right investment before committing time and money. Then you’ll want to know what to expect and how to prepare for the work ahead to get the best possible return – which is just as important for those looking to study online rather than on campus.

This is where webinars become valuable assets; these sessions are used by universities to answer any questions you may have about learning online, whether you’re signed up and raring to go or are just considering your options. They are in many ways the virtual equivalent of the conventional campus-based open day.

Find the right course for you

With several online programmes to choose from you’ve an important decision to make. At the University of Birmingham, we offer four career-focused 100% online postgraduate degrees that are backed by impressive statistics and accreditations. Truly getting under the skin of what each programme has to offer should not be limited by the overview listings. This is why we offer a range of different webinars to help you make the right decision about online postgraduate study.

“Most of our students aren’t signing up to go back to ‘school’ simplistically; they’re signing up to do something that will ultimately help to accelerate their careers – we want to make sure they’re on the right course, whether it’s here or elsewhere,” explains Andrew Parker, University of Birmingham tutor and established entrepreneur.

Take part in our interactive sessions and you’ll hear about all the features that make each course unique, while having the opportunity to ask questions with your own career journey in mind. Case study-focused sessions also provide a great taster of the online learning environment, so you know exactly what to expect when the first term begins.

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Study in the perfect place

A webinar will introduce you to your university. You’ll learn about its reputation in your chosen field, and find out how each of the programmes it offers could help you on your professional journey.

Sessions also go into more detail about the specifics; how much work is required and what that might look like on a day-by-day or week-by-week basis.

Rather than just providing one-way content that explains online learning, the webinars themselves are also interactive, which allows attendees to gain a feel for the methods used on the online programmes and learn what it’s like to study alongside others in this way.

Know what to expect

Joining a distance learning programme could seem like a bit of a jump into the unknown, but we don’t want you to feel underprepared or apprehensive – this is the next big step towards your dream role - more than anything else, it should be exciting.

Webinars are your first real chance to get to grips with online learning; to fully understand how it works, how content will be delivered and how peer interaction is going to benefit your professional journey.

During the webinars, the most common queries are discussed and addressed without prompting but students also have the chance to ask their own, more specific questions about what to expect. 

Moreover, the webinar itself provides a little taster of how the programme is delivered: you’ll get a feel for logging in alongside ambitious people from all over the world while experiencing the enthusiasm, knowledge and organisation that expert faculty bring to each session.

Andrew explains: “Work no longer involves just meeting people face-to-face as often as it used to. Interactions are carried out online—through webinars and online discussions—so by studying and interacting with their peers in a similar environment, students subconsciously develop digital communication skills imperative in the roles they hold or will hold in the future.”

Are you ready to find out more? Our webinars are held every month – for details of upcoming sessions, contact our admissions team today. You can also browse and listen back to previous webinars in our webinars library.

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