How online learning is helping one student forge ahead in AI innovation

As an Intelligent Automation Consultant at Ernst & Young, Belgium, current student Roberto Lionti understands how quickly technology advances to help transform business opportunities. Eager not to delay making headway in his career, yet keen to also develop solid business knowledge, Roberto is studying the Online MSc International Business to bring maximum ROI to the earlier stages of his career.

Maximising the value of business education

“I was eager to get out there and earn practical work experience, but still wanted to continue my studies,” explains Roberto.

“An online degree was the perfect way to make the most of my time, because it allowed me to work while studying, and most importantly study when I wanted to study—a distinct advantage over weekend or after work programmes.”

Online study lets Roberto learn when and where it suits him, without missing out on the real-world experience of working for one of the ‘Big Four’. Being able to balance his work commitments with his studies has helped Roberto to develop a professional agility which will span his career.

“It’s important to be disciplined and to take advantage of the fact that you can work through the course material whenever you want,” he says.

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Capitalising on new skills in real-time

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in the global business environment, Roberto’s role requires him to help organisations profit from these technological innovations.  

“The major challenge in my role is to help organisations make the most of disruptive digital technologies in order to increase the value of the work they do, and prevent them from getting left behind in a rapidly evolving world,” he explains.

“What truly gets me out of bed to go to work every day is knowing that I’m working on something that will improve the world we live in,” he says.

Gaining a global perspective of the business world

Using the latest virtual learning technology, Roberto is able to access his studies and interact with his peers from anywhere in the world. The course facilitates easy interaction through live lecture sessions, group projects and real-life case studies, which Roberto says creates “camaraderie between the online students”.

The multinational cohort has helped Roberto gain an even wider experience of collaborating with people from different countries and cultures. Working with students from Saudi Arabia to Denmark, the UK to China (to name a few), prepares Roberto to build positive and lasting relationships with the international clients he will encounter along his global tech-focused career.   

“The Online MSc has helped me achieve my goals as it allowed me to earn the theoretical and practical experience I needed to succeed at the start of my career,” he concludes.

If, like Roberto, you are looking to develop a business-focused career in AI and RPA, the Online MSc International Business could give you the head start you need. Download our brochure for more information or call our Admissions Team today to find out more.

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