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International Business: can you rise to the challenge?

With its capacity to prepare you for the intricacies of professional responsibility, the AMBA-accredited Online MSc International Business provides an ideal stepping stone towards management in business.

We’ve been speaking with Dr Roshan Boojihawon, Director, Online MSc International Business, to learn more about the ideal applicant and the unique characteristics required to succeed on his programme:

“On paper, the ideal student is one with limited industry experience or someone at the earlier stages of their career: someone who is looking to move up,” he explains.

“A great candidate is also clear about what they want to get from the programme, in order to enhance their career prospects.”

Dr Boojihawon reviews every application in detail. Aside from the entry criteria, he expresses that successful applicants should also showcase that they are mentally prepared to succeed:

“The qualities instrumental to success, are an attitude or mindset to learn online, the discipline to prioritise and stay organised, astute time management skills and the sheer drive and determination to push oneself to stay on track with the online study journey.”

“Studying is hard, and undertaking it online can be even harder if these qualities are absent. These are life skills needed for any modern work environment, so developing these on the programme is good preparation for professional life.”

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It’s not a one-way process. It’s important that candidates think about what they will contribute to the programme too:

“Priceless amongst what our students bring to the programme are their life experiences (professional and otherwise), their experiences as consumers and observers of business and industry, their enthusiasm to relate to the content we provide, and most importantly, their ability to engage and question what they learn. They help us push the boundaries of management knowledge together.”

With cohorts formed from around the world, students can expect to hear from and become part of a global network:

“It’s international from the outset. We draw content and case studies from the global business landscape, and this diversity is explored in depth from the lens of different subjects. We understand where our students are coming from and we take great care in acknowledging that in our design and delivery of the programme.”

So, alongside contemporary, internationally-focused management skills and becoming part of a diverse professional student body, what can those who complete the programme expect to gain?

“Graduates of the Online MSc can see a world of opportunities open to them after completion. The knowledge and skills they develop will help them pursue a career anywhere in the world in any desired industry - at a local or global level. This may sound cliché but it’s true and, as educators, we are confident of that.”

What could you accomplish with such a qualification under your belt? If the Online MSc International Business sounds like it could give your career a flying start, please download our brochure to find out more.

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