An Online MBA with ultimate flexibility: Munyaradzi Chiwanda’s first-hand account

Online MBAs offer professionals the world over a chance to progress their careers, without the hassle of relocating or pausing their careers to head to campus. Remote access, video lectures and supportive online communities make it possible to study from anywhere - providing the flexibility to suit both work and personal needs.

Flexible learning is what initially attracted current student, Munyaradzi Chikwanda, to our Online MBA. The programme allows him to juggle his studies alongside family-life, work and developing his own business in South Africa.

The perfect balance

Munyaradzi wanted to boost his business skills for the benefit of his employer and his own venture, but joining a conventional campus-based programme was not feasible:

Being the primary breadwinner, my options for study were limited,” he explained. “I needed a quality MBA that would fit with family commitments and my hectic work schedule.”
Of course, you’d expect a certain level of ROI from studying this type of programme and Munyaradzi is confident his hard work will benefit him now and in the near future. His choice of university plays an important part in that:

Studying an MBA from a university as prestigious as the University of Birmingham will open doors and introduce me to new professional networks, thus helping me realise both my career and personal goals.”

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A new way of learning

While the popularity of online study has grown substantially, it is still a daunting prospect for some. It’s good to know that there is a range of support available and that you’ll never feel alone. Our Online MBA also contains live lectures which are typically associated with class-based study:

With live lecture sessions, we’re able to make use of technology to simulate a classroom environment,” Munyaradzi explains. “In a classroom, shy students do not necessarily express themselves even if they have good ideas. Online, everyone says something.”

A bright future

Munyaradzi’s start-up specialises in training people to use various technologies to help them capitalise on their new skills. He’s using his studies to help impart knowledge to his customers whilst at the same time running his business more efficiently:

The programme is enhancing my skills and knowledge on the financial aspects of business, project management, and risk management, thus increasing the probability of my success in any project that I undertake.”

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