The Online MBA and leadership: human resource management – part three

A successful leader will - by default - generate a sense of appreciation and respect from the colleagues who work around them. No leader will get very far on their own, so offering good business leadership will mean guiding your team towards their professional goals, alongside reaching for the objectives of the wider organisation.

The final part of our series in exploring human resource management (HRM) is dedicated to people-focused leadership. What are the qualities that make an inspiring and motivational leader? 

Communicative versatility

Particularly within large multi-national organisations, a successful leader will need  to interact effectively with colleagues who work across a broad range of business divisions. In addition, they will be communicating with key figures from outside of the business too (such as stakeholders, suppliers and partners). Being an adaptable communicator is therefore paramount for a successful business leader - who will need to scrutinise the level of information each stakeholder needs to keep engaged whilst working alongside a mix of personal and cultural traits too.

Studying a postgraduate degree online can require similar dexterities. Students who study the Online MBA will frequently debate ideas with peers from around the world during live sessions and join forces on group assignments too. Online teamwork with an internationally-diverse cohort can also help to develop an adaptive approach to communication styles with different audiences too.

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Strategic insight

It is a leader’s responsibility to make business decisions that benefit an organisation in line with long-term strategic objectives. Good leaders are acutely analytical, with the ability to step back and see where actions may take a business away from its wider targets.

While the Online MBA is taught in a modular format, the programme encourages students to accumulate their learning; taking what they’ve gained from each module on to the next. This approach helps students see their studies as a set of strategies which they can apply directly into their roles as they hone in on their leadership skills.

Being visible

Today’s business leader should be as much a part of an organisation as any other team member. It’s difficult to steer others when they never see or hear from you, so those in positions of leadership should find ways to be visible, even when they cannot be there in person.

This is part of a wider business trend; as organisations and business partnerships spread across different locations, there has been an increase in digital collaboration. Research shows that at least 80% of employees worldwide work in a virtual team for part of their job scope¹.   

Just like our Online MBA students, leaders must become adept at using digital technology to stay in touch with colleagues, stakeholders and teams from around the world. Creating a strong presence, even via a screen, is an important skill for online students and leaders alike, giving them the ability to effectively galvanise others no matter where they are located.

Develop leadership expertise with an HR mindset

Far from being something inherent, becoming an inspiring leader is a career-long pursuit. Leadership skills should be continually developed over time - a practice our Online MBA helps students to establish.

With an awareness of what it takes to inspire and engage others, those in positions of leadership can manage in a way that takes the human elements of business into account. To learn more about our Online MBA, download a brochure today.


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