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The University of Birmingham had its first intake of Online Masters of Business Administration (MBA) students last year (2015). Andrew Lavin, who previously studied Accounting and Finance on campus (2002-2005), has now been on the online course for 12 months. With just over a decade passing since he graduated, we’ve asked what it’s really like to study for an online MBA and why he decided to ‘virtually’ return to Birmingham.

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After graduating I went to work for Mazars LLP on an ACA graduate training programme and then worked for KPMG. After 7 years I decided it was time to experience working in industry and so joined Aggreko – a world leading company in temporary power generation solutions. I have since worked in numerous operational roles and am currently the Global Head of Asset and Fleet Management, based in Dubai.

Choosing the degree:

I decided to study for an MBA because I quickly realised the importance and global recognition this type of qualification carries - it is something I wanted to add to my toolkit. I then chose to study online mainly due to my travel commitments: I spend a large proportion of time on aeroplanes and in hotels for work, so it gives me adequate time to complete both reading and assignments. I chose the University of Birmingham mainly because I had already experienced the world class teaching from my previous degree - I was sure I would be learning some of the latest developments the MBA arena would have to offer.

So far, the course has introduced me to many new concepts and terminology I had not previously been aware of. Now I can use these terms and apply them to my role as I have the confidence to engage and challenge thinking in many areas of business. This is also backed by sound academic theory, which I would not have otherwise had.

The online study:

The most surprising aspect (about the online MBA) is the amount of work and the high degree of academic rigor attached to it. I always have to put time aside to complete the weekly reading material, assessed work and end of unit assignments.

I would recommend an online MBA to anyone who does not have the time to commit to a residential type course as it gives you much better flexibility. It also suits people who favour a ‘course-work’ based approach to exams.

In the future I hope that the course will allow me to learn more broadly about functions in areas of the business which are not my field of expertise.

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