How does an Online MBA benefit entrepreneurs?

For an entrepreneur, studying an MBA online means that you can test your ideas and learn everything you need to make educated changes to your business (or even start a new venture).

At the University of Birmingham, our 100% Online MBA offers current business owners (and those looking to forge new business ventures), the chance to explore entrepreneurialism by scruitinising aspects such as innovation, creativity and problem solving. After all, entrepreneurship is not confined to simply thinking of new ideas, inventions and technology – it’s also about developing, growing and sustaining a profitable organisation.

Students studying the Online MBA are taught a number of key skills, including the general approaches of exploiting innovation opportunities and learning how to critically appraise the mechanisms for growing a business further – all whilst avoiding the pitfalls that can happen to a new business.

Dr Tom Coogan, is a Teaching Fellow on the module, ‘Entrepreneurship’:

“During this module, we dig down into deeper meanings and significance for practice,” he explains.

“Quite a few of our current students have said that they are thinking about starting their own business. This module certainly helps with the 'bigger picture' around that, but it also focuses on how we can be 'entrepreneurial' within the context of larger organisations.”

With a fluid approach to what it means to be an entrepreneur, this online programme therefore helps students to foster a dynamic and pioneering attitude towards business, whether they are looking to embark on their own enterprise or advance their career path.

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Don’t just take our word for it, there are scores of hugely successful entrepreneurs who have undertaken an MBA in the past, including:

Michael Bloomberg¹ - the former Mayor of New York and owner of ‘Bloomberg LP’, who has an estimated wealth of $41billion.

Phil Knight¹ - the co-founder of Nike, who has an estimated wealth $28.1billion.

In addition to this, world renowned basketball player Shaquille O’Neil¹ studied for his MBA online while he was playing in the NBA. Since his retirement in basketball, he has used his business skills to become a successful real estate entrepreneur. He currently has an estimated wealth of $250million.

If you are a current or aspiring business owner and looking to refine your business management expertise, learn more by filling out our request information form, or by contacting a member of our admissions team.


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