“I feel empowered” - 3 postgraduate students reveal how studying online is helping them

The value of higher education has certainly proven its worth as universities across the United Kingdom recently offered a record number of places.¹ Yet the value of university-level degrees are frequently debated and intangible benefits overlooked.

To shed light on the situation, we’ve been speaking to three of our current online students on why they decided to return to university and how their degrees are helping them achieve both personal and professional goals.

I now have greater insight and am much more analytical.

Safiya Carroll is an Investment Advisor at a stock brokerage house in Kingston, Jamaica. She decided to study an Online MSc International Business to give her a competitive edge and stand out in her field.

“I liked the fact that my options are not limited, as anyone who studies an MSc International Business can work in the following career fields: marketing, import and export, finance, entrepreneurship and logistics – just to name a few, she told us. 

“The school’s reputation and ranking is also quite impressive.The University has a great hands-on approach to learning - one of my friends who attended the school previously said this was a great benefit to them.”

Studying this course has given her the skills and knowledge necessary to grow and succeed in her existing role. In particular, the Operations Management module has already helped her to broker a deal with a company she’d used as a case study for her final project.

“Using the many elements I had learned in this module, I was able to understand the company’s business model and use this to my company’s advantage,” she explained. “Enrolling in this course is worth 100% of the investment that you will make. From the very first day the academic advisors display a keen interest in your performance.”

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I have seen noticeable improvement at work and in my abilities.

Kathirvel Balakrishnan, a Solutions Architect, has been working in the information technology industry for more than 12 years. He has now reached the stage where he is beginning to get introduced into senior management in the corporate layer, which requires an understanding of other areas of the business, including finance, global operations and sales.

“Originally, my application was for the Online MSc International Business, but the programme director recommended the Online MBA based on my profile,” he explained. I believe this is the right course considering my career so far and now it can complement the IT skills with improved business acumen.”

For Kathirvel, online learning was the ideal option for several reasons. Taking a break from employment was not financially viable due to personal and family commitments, so flexibility was important. He also liked that his learning could be applied straight away at work, resulting in some quick wins.

Since starting the course, Kathirvel has noticed improvements at work. He notes that his abilities to crticially analyse problems, ask the right questions and articulate his responses in a clear and concise manner, have all been boosted by the course.

“Most importantly, I am now able to understand the business much better, and can provide evidence-based responses to teams more often,” he said.

“I would highly recommend this course to anyone who interacts with business contacts regularly as part of their job. There are certain things not worth trying to learn by mistakes, and business is one of them.”

I want to make a difference no matter how small.

For someone like Tosan Ozoro, taking an online course is about a lot more than furthering her career, it’s about making a difference to her country and community. Tosan currently works as a relationship manager at Keystone Bank in Lagos, Nigeria and has an impressive career in the financial sector. In 2015, she decided to follow her passion for public service.

“I have always been passionate about helping people and fighting for those that are helpless, especially young women who are pushed into early marriage and slavery,” she told us.

“I am very passionate about why the government creates some policies and how the government can create a forum to include public participation in policy making. I want to have the knowledge and understanding to impact a positive change in public service.”

After discovering that the University of Birmingham is highly regarded for public administration, Tosan decided to apply for the Online Masters of Public Administration course.

So far, Tosan says the course has taught her a great deal: “I had the opportunity to meet different colleagues from across the world and knowledgeable, fantastic lecturers. I feel empowered and believe I am getting the skills and knowledge needed to contribute positively to the public service system in my country.”

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