Five ways to fulfil your earning potential

To accelerate the early stages in your career, it is recommended that you demonstrate a high level of commercial awareness and have a proactive approach to your company’s operations. 

Top positions in any organisation will go to those who make it their mission to never finish learning and adapting. Therefore, setting goals and aspirations early on in your career can have a positive impact on your long-term professional development. 

Fulfil your earning potential with these top tips:

1) Put the extra work in

Career progression doesn’t come without hard work. If you’re looking to get ahead in your current organisation, it can pay dividends to prove what you can do by seeking out extra responsibilities. 

Look for opportunities to demonstrate how you could improve your company’s processes or productivity. Suggesting changes that positively impact efficiency or increase revenue is an effective way of showing your dedication to the business.

Studying at masters level online could provide you with the global insight and knowledge to help you identify new opportunities in your career.

2) Build a network

A wide and varied network of professional acquaintances is key to making progress in your career. Forming relationships with colleagues and professionals outside your company can enable you to be the first to know about job openings and important happenings in your sector.

Studying online comes with access to a global network. At the University of Birmingham, we make it our aim to provide a feeling of community amongst our distance learning students and tutors that is comparable to studying on campus so students can gain a set of connections relevant to their career.

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3) Move somewhere that’s flourishing

Where you live may have more of an impact on your chances for career development (and what you earn), than you realise. If you find yourself with a lack of growth and a slow economy, the answer may be to move to pastures new.

Deutsch Bank’s 2017 report on ‘Mapping world prices’ revealed the cities with the highest salaries across the globe¹. Unsurprisingly, London is the UK-based city with the most earning potential. US cities Chicago, Boston and San Francisco also feature near the top of the list. Number one spot goes to Zurich, Switzerland.

No matter where you live, you can enroll to study 100% online and develop essential new skills and expertise to help fulfil your earning potential.

4) Don’t be afraid to negotiate

When job hunting or approaching an appraisal, it’s a good time to reassess your salary and make sure you’re asking for what you deserve. Look at other jobs in your industry and local area to get an idea of what is realistic and have a figure in mind when discussing your salary expectations with a new, or current, employer.

As long as you can demonstrate why you feel you are worth an increase in salary, in terms of your experience, know-how and qualifications, you should have a good chance of securing a higher offer.

5) Boost your career by studying online

Gaining a new qualification (such as a masters degree online), can help to fulfil your earning potential and achieve all these steps and more. With flexible learning that allows you to carry on working, building a business or managing other important commitments, your studies will help you prepare for new challenges and greater achievements.

We offer a 100% Online MSc International Business designed to help students incorporate real-world experience and apply newly acquired skills to their role in real time. What’s more, our international student body enables students to gain a deeper understanding of global issues surrounding their field of expertise and provides a wealth of relevant networking opportunities to take forward in their careers.

If you’re looking to enhance your earning potential and feel that an Online MSc International Business is the right choice for you, please fill out the form on our request information form or contact our Admissions Team today. 


1. MARTIN, W. (2017) The 24 major cities with the highest salaries in the world. Business Insider UK [online] Available at: [Accessed 24.07.2017]

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Good morning,

I am considering applying for the online master in international business, and would like to have some clarifications about the entry requirements: do I really need an IELTS qualification in order to apply?

Or, since I have been working for 5 years as a FE tutor of business studies, I could submit a piece of writing in place of the qualification, so my language skills can be assessed?

Then, could I enroll at any time of the year, or do you have fixed entry times (say, for example, January / May / September) in order to build up your cohorts of students?

Many thanks,

Thuraya El Kozeh

Good morning Thuraya,

In order to apply for our Online MSc International Business you would need to provide evidence of English language and an IELTS certificate is preferred. We do need a certified document to prove the level of English and unfortunately won't accept alternatives. This is the same for all programmes and is a university standard.

We do have fixed entry times and I encourage you to chat to our admissions team on your preferred intake date. Our next intake is February 2018 (followed by June and Ocotber). The easist way to get in touch is by calling our Admissions Team and having a conversation. Please feel free to give them a call on +44800 032 7101.

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