Enrich your learning experience with an online programme

Streamline your studies, connect with lecturers and collaborate with peers; find out how online learning with the University of Birmingham can empower you to greater things.


00:02 Enrich your learning experience

00:04 with an online programme

00:07 “Studying online provided me with the opportunity to maintain my job whilst further educating myself. It is a win-win situation for busy professional people like me.” – Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, Malta

00:15 Streamline your study

00:18 Streamline your study – Course overview

00:19 Calendar

00:21 To do list

00:23 See your tasks at a glance

00:26 Learn anywhere, any time

00:33 “The killer feature for me was the flexibility of the programme” – Vanna Camille Curi – Programme Coordinator, USA

00:38 Plan your workload

00:44 “I can study in my own time and at my own pace. The fact that the resources are all online also means I can study on the move.” – Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, Malta

00:51 Interact with your lecturer

00:58 Link instantly with classmates

01:04 “An online MBA provides you with the thrilling experience of connecting globally through your computer.” – Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, Malta

01:10 Learn through collaboration

01:24 Chart your success

01:30 “I now have the confidence and knowledge to engage and challenge thinking in many
areas of business.” – Andrew Lavin, Global Head of Asset & Fleet Management, United Arab Emirates

01:37 Get tailored student support

01:41 Get tailored student support
Assignment and submission queries
Information on university policies and procedures
Managing conflicting commitments
Any other non-academic support

01:45 Access to technical support
Virtual learning environment queries
24 hour support, 7 days a week, 365 days a year

01:52 “I would recommend an online MBA to anyone who does not have the time to commit to a residential type course ... The online MBA gives you much better flexibility.” – Andrew Lavin, Global Head of Asset & Fleet Management, United Arab Emirates

02:00 Online courses now available
Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
Masters of Public Administration (MBA)
Masters of Science in International Business (MSc IB)

02:03 Be empowered to greater things

02:06 Study online with the University of Birmingham

02:10 birmingham.ac.uk/online

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