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Elevate your impact: public-sector study online

Every job demands a certain set of qualities and characteristics. For public-sector professionals, a fundamental desire to help others is perhaps the most important trait - it ensures the interests of others is a top priority.

This view is supported by Catherine Mangan, Director of the Institute of Local Government Studies:

“A human way of engaging with people will enable citizens to be treated more holistically – as a whole person rather than a set of conditions or needs¹.”

The desire to make a positive difference is only part of the necessary package. You’ll also need specific skills, knowledge and a bit of confidence. Thankfully though, this can be learned:

Learning from the best

Delivered by the Institute of Local Government Studies (INLOGOV), the Online Masters of Public Administration allows students to learn directly from those with first-hand specialist experience in the public-sector. Being 100% online, you’re able to study without needing to relocate or take a break from your career. The course’s curriculum is also driven by INLOGOV’s latest research, which means the skills you pick-up in ‘class’ will have real-life context too.

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Real-world simulations for effective learning

By using ‘real world’ examples, the programme relies on case studies from around the world to provide a ‘practice’ feel, so students can take on the role of various stakeholders in a local government – or council situation. In some cases this means creating a complete simulation from a real-life scenario – real press reports, video footage, arguments from trade unions and so on, before giving students feedback on their decisions.

“The students are able to critically engage in activities, rather than simply absorb them,” explains Dr Abena Dadze-Arthur, Lecturer, INLOGOV.

Diversity to aid your development

The programme attracts professionals from all over the world, meaning students can constantly learn from the unique experiences and perspectives of others.

The programme’s student body learns together through interactive study sessions held online. There’s plenty of valuable networking opportunities that could benefit your career in the long-term:

The programme has provided the benefits of interacting with a worldwide consortium of students who bring vast experience, knowledge and diversity to discussions,” concludes Ana Soochit, current student.

A desire to make a positive impact on the people and places around you is the perfect foundation for a fulfilling career in public services – our Online Masters of Public Administration will provide everything else you need. To find out more, download our brochure now.


¹ NEEDHAM, C. & MANGAN, C. (2014) The 21st Century Public Servant. University of Birmingham [online] Available at: <https://21stcenturypublicservant.files.wordpress.com/2014/09/21-century-report-281014.pdf> [Accessed 12.11.2018]

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