Maximise your earning potential: the degrees with the best ROI

It is widely recognised that, on average, those who gain a degree earn more over their careers than those who don’t¹.

However, if you’re thinking about – or are currently - studying a postgraduate degree, it’s been revealed that masters’ graduates earn approximately £317,000 more over the course of their careers than those who do not pursue higher education at all². This finding comes from the Russell Group, a collective of world-leading, research-led universities – of which the University of Birmingham is a member.

Achieving higher earning potential

The Russell Group consists of 24 UK-based universities, each dedicated to outstanding standards of teaching and learning experience, excellent connections with the commercial and public sectors, and conducting the highest quality research.

Gaining a qualification from a Russell Group university in particular pays off - looking at salaries five years after graduation, the Institute of Fiscal Studies found that graduates from Russell Group universities earn approximately 40% more than graduates from non-Russell Group universities³.

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Career-boosting learning with added flexibility

All of this may be food for thought if you’re considering a postgraduate degree in order to further your career. It’s important to know that the investment you make in your professional education is likely to pay off through improved job prospects and earning power.

However, simply pursuing education does not guarantee a salary increase alone. Working hard and applying your learning is one way to demonstrate you current, or potential employers that you should receive a higher paygrade.

Studying online is one way to access these opportunities without putting your career on hold. The qualifications attainable via our 100% online degrees are no different than those of our campus-based programmes, and can help you to reach the higher levels of career and salary progression in just the same way.

To find out more about about our 100% online postgraduate degrees, download our brochure today and a member of our Admissions Team will be in touch.


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