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Online learning has a huge part to play in the future of education, which is why the University of Birmingham has invested heavily in the provision of online education for its students.

Why online?

By removing geographic restrictions, students across the globe can gain access to a world-class teaching environment and the latest research.

What’s more, the flexibility that comes with studying remotely also allows for invaluable career integration; students can develop their skills in an area relevant to their professional ambitions without having to take a break away from work.

Pioneers of online education

The University of Birmingham’s first 100% online programmes were launched in 2015, but distance learning had already been long established here. With options including an Online Masters of Public Administration and an AMBA-accredited Online MBA and Online MSc International Business, the University now also offers an Online LLM in Energy and Environmental Law.

“Employers and industry now see the benefits of learning being delivered online. With more flexible – and credible - modes of delivery available to them, I’m delighted that in this way, we can give more people the opportunity to develop and gain qualifications with the University of Birmingham.” - Professor Robin Mason, University of Birmingham Pro-Vice-Chancellor (International).

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Futureproofing education

Distance learning involves a lot more than just putting campus courses online. All 100% online programmes have been built from the ground up to harness the full teaching power of the technologies available. They involve everything from cloud-powered collaboration to interactive live lectures, providing a real alternative to the conventional campus environment.

Through technologies like these, students come together from all kinds of professional and cultural backgrounds to create a learning experience that truly prepares them for a working world where digital intuition and global communication are key.

Always evolving

As is true of the corporate world, the online education offering is constantly evolving. The University of Birmingham is always looking for ways to improve their programmes: to teach more effectively and provide better value for their students.

That means keeping one eye on the future too, and monitoring the technological trends that could help students further.

“I think we will move towards putting the creation of learning objects and artefacts into the hands of the student. By this I mean giving students a chance to create their own videos and podcasts, put their own presentations together and do their own research. Facilitating independent learning is the way I think it has to go. That to me is where the future of online education is.” – Nick Johnston, Senior Learning Designer at the University of Birmingham.

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