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Become a global business explorer and take your career anywhere

The idea that it is possible to embark on an internationally-focused career from almost anywhere is an empowering realisation. Since today’s global business networks enable commercial opportunity to flourish across borders and time-zones, there’s more scope than ever to base yourself somewhere new.

‘The world is flat¹,’ as some would say...

It can take years to build-up the skills required to make significant progress in an international context, but is there a way to rapidly gain the global experience you need to get ahead?    

Here’s how online study could accelerate your career on a global scale:

Combine work and study in your chosen location

The son of a diplomat and originally from Ireland, Roberto Lionti has experienced life in a variety of different countries, including studying his undergraduate degree at a Business School in Switzerland and currently working in Belgium for Ernst & Young (EY), yet also studying the 100% Online MSc International Business with us! The balancing act allows him to access and study key commercial learning material remotely and directly apply it to his role at EY:

“I was eager to get out there and earn practical work experience, but still wanted to continue my studies,” he explains. “An online degree was the perfect way to make the most of my time, because it allows me to work while studying, and most importantly study when I want to.”

Originally from the UK, Kyle Buffrey has also recently completed the same online programme. Kyle moved to China for an internship while studying his undergraduate degree and has since returned to set-up a trading company. The global business focus has proven invaluable for him as he pursues his own venture:

“The world is increasingly interconnected by the forces of technology and yet we still face challenges when conducting business across national and cultural boundaries. Online study really allowed me to gain experience of working with people across different time-zones on the same projects. As somebody who works with people based in many different parts of the world, it has already been beneficial to me,” he explains.

Working with peers from different locations is great preparation for an internationally-focused role, which is why we place emphasis on networking with others on the programme.

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Acquire business expertise with an international perspective

The global business environment is in a constant state of flux, so it’s important to understand how businesses respond to changing markets and economies.

Through the critical analysis of key topics such as international marketing, global operations and accounting and finance, flexible online study can help you prepare for strategic decision-making and leadership success.   

What’s more, the very nature of online study provides excellent preparation for the digital communication and collaboration you are likely to make use of within an international business context.

“The modern workplace is an increasingly virtual place and the online learning environment is very apt for preparing you to face the challenges and be a natural fit into that world,” says Dr Roshan Boojihawon (Director, Online MSc International Business).

Find inspiration in global student diversity

As Roberto and Kyle can attest, every element of our online programme has been designed to help students navigate the complexities of business amidst cultural and geographic disparity. 

Current cohorts include students from all around the world, and the online learning environment enables active collaboration through lively discussion and group work.

One recent graduate, Helena Feibert, found that sharing ideas with students from different backgrounds and working styles made for effective preparation working in a multinational company:

People have different cultures – we work in different ways,” she explains. “You have to be able to embrace those differences and embrace differences amongst personalities too.”

Four months into the programme, Helena secured a graduate level position at global jewellery manufacturer, Pandora. Since graduating, she has been promoted to a senior position.

If, like Roberto, Kyle and Helena, you see yourself making headway in international business, the Online MSc International Business could be a great fit. Download a brochure or call our admissions team today.


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