Think globally: adapt your skills for a competitive career in global business

Forging a successful career in business takes hard work and determination, but that’s not all. As business practices and social norms vary across the globe, it’s important to keep ahead and learn the latest techniques to stand out from your competition.

1) Effective communicaton

Aspiring managers must be able to know how to clearly convey their thinking to multiple stakeholders across several forms of transmission. Technology has changed the way colleagues and clients communicate – and this is the same for studying too. 

Our 100% Online MSc International Business offers students the chance to network with peers and collaborate on projects from anywhere in the world. The online format means that you’ll be using the same methods which professionals use on a daily basis – from Skype and e-conferencing, to Google hangouts and discussion forums – it’s about learning how to progress with colleagues on projects, even if they are working in a different time zone!

2) Critical thinker

While maintaining a clear internal perspective is crucial for any business professional, it’s also essential to consider the wider context.  Successful employees will understand how important it is to think critically about external issues (for example, the impact Brexit will have on industry in the United Kingdom), and the appropriate actions to take if necessary.

Our module, ‘Strategy’ can help you formulate sound business plans that allow for shifting environmental factors, as current student, Helena Feibert, explains; “I have gained a deeper insight into many aspects of an international business, not only applying theories in my work activities, but also analysing past events and decisions to better understand the motivation behind them.” 

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3) Pragmatic problem-solver

To be effective, business professionals need to show that they have ‘broad-scope’ problem-solving expertise. This means deciding on the best course of action for overarching issues such as business performance and organisational structure.

As part of the Online MSc, we offer a module which lets you put theory into practice. The ‘Integrative Capstone Module’ (ICM) puts you face-to-face with real management challenges. Through this practice, you will be able to apply theory in business and  solve commercial challenges in future management roles.

Current student, Safiya Carroll, adds;  “[E]nrolling in this course is worth 100% of the investment that you will make. The programme has made me more effective in my work environment and my insight on the world in general has changed.

Find out how our Online MSc can give your career the momentum to propel into management by filling out our request information form or contacting a member of our Admissions Team.

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