The UK as a study destination: Is where you learn still important?

The UK has a reputation for high standards when it comes to education, but is where you study still important?

With Brexit on the horizon and a host of other socio-economic and environmental factors to consider, it’s important to ask yourself whether the proximity of a university is important before deciding on a particular programme and institution.

Online learning, open to the world

Developments in distance learning have made it possible for students to join programmes at universities from anywhere in the world, without the need to relocate or pause professional careers to head to campus. More than just logistically convenient, studying online gives students access to the best available education, delivered by qualified and respected institutions.

By opting to study online, the importance of location will most certainly decrease. However, it’s important to consider accreditations and rankings when evaluating your university of choice – and this brings where you study back into the equation.

Credentials over location

As a member of the Russell Group and ranked in the top 100 universities globally¹, we encourage and empower students to innovate, push the boundaries of knowledge and make an impact on the lives of others.

Already an established provider of digital education, we offer the Online MBA, Online MSc International Business and Online Masters of Public Administration to students studying remotely around the world. This allows professionals – like you – to learn the latest developments in business and public-sector education from across the globe and take the next step in your career.    

A global perspective

Our university community welcomes international students and staff from across the world and, post-Brexit, we will remain an ambitious, outward-looking, global digital education provider – both in relation to the EU and the wider world.

Therefore, in today’s context, location is something to think about and where you study is an important consideration too. We’re committed to ensuring all students have the best opportunity to study where and how they like.

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¹ UNIVERSITY OF BIRMINGHAM (2019) Our Rankings in UK League Tables 2018 – 2019 [online] Available at: <> [Accessed 11.02.2019]

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