Competing in a global marketplace

Communication is a key ingredient of business success, and as the corporate world continues to globalise, the way we interact and work with others has had to evolve.

While this globalisation brings with it so many fantastic opportunities, it also presents new challenges for businesses to consider. The ability to step back and see the ‘bigger picture’ is more important than ever; you’ll be working in much larger teams, often with people you’ve never met, so addressing every situation in isolation is unlikely to be effective.

Accountability is equally as important. With workforces spread across continents, it’s vital that every team member takes responsibility for their work (and the results of it).

Taking a holistic view

An effective business machine is made up of countless cogs, all working together and responding to one another to achieve the desired results. In a small UK organisation there may only be a handful, but spread it out across countries and continents and the set-up becomes a lot more complex.

One person’s actions could affect the work of another team member elsewhere, and with so much physical distance in between, the negative impact isn’t always obvious. It’s important, therefore, to take a holistic view of what’s happening; to be fully aware of your actions and the knock-on effects they have.

For managers, this is a balancing act more than anything else. You’re required to make decisions that won’t necessarily please everyone individually but will benefit the business as a whole. To do that, you must understand the various functions of each team and its members - and then be ready to draw on a range of skills to manage the outcome.

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Studying business, the right way

Studying business performance and management at a postgraduate level is one way to prepare for this balancing act and the Online MSc International Business offers the perfect opportunity for professionals looking to get to grips with these challenges in a global context.

It also offers the opportunity to pull together experiences and apply learning as part of the innovative Integrative Capstone module, which gives students the chance to find solutions to an overarching business challenge, rather than looking at each subject area in isolation. It’s this type of learning which makes graduates prepared to take on key business decisions and tackle the latest issues.

Online learning for maximum flexibility

Being 100% online, the programme is ideal for those looking to advance their careers without taking a break or moving; it provides an unrivalled level of flexibility without compromising on the quality of a campus-based course. What’s more, the innovative teaching and study methods allow for benefits unique to distance learning; the speed of development being a prime example.

“While it could have easily taken me three years to pursue traditional studies, I feel I already have had a one year head-start on my career,” agrees Roberto Lionti, Online MSc International Business student.

To find out more about the Online MSc International Business and how it could help you take the next steps in your professional journey, download a brochure today.

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I wish to inquire about the above course the length and finally the cost. I have been in senoir management for almost 30 years and wish to study firstly I am intrigued by the topics covered but to also advance my career.

Hi Kirit, Delighted to hear you are interested in studying with us. For up-to-date pricing information, please see our FAQs page or download a programme brochure and a member of our team will be in touch. The programme is 2.5 years, studied on a part-time basis and designed to fit around your schedule. You may also be interested in our Online MBA. I recommend you give us a call to discuss the differences between these programmes. Please call us on +44 (0)800 032 7101. Many thanks and look forward to hearing from you again soon.

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