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Why Birmingham's Online MBA is the best MBA for me

Current Online MBA student, Harriet Jeckells, explains her top three reasons why choosing to enrol onto our 100% Online MBA was the best MBA choice for her. She began the programme in January 2017 and is currently based in the UK working as a Marketing Director in the publishing industry.

“I thought long and hard before applying to study an MBA online. Now six months in, I’m able to share not only why I chose the University of Birmingham, but why it has proved to be the right MBA choice for me. In essence, it boils down to three key elements: flexibility, course content and university reputation.

1) Flexibility

Knowing that I would give birth to my first child three months into the course made it absolutely vital that the programme should fit around me and my new family, not to mention my job. The great thing about Birmingham’s Online MBA is that it is truly an online course. Although advertised as “online”, most other universities require that you attend campus (either regularly or at some point during the degree). Birmingham’s Online MBA on the other hand is 100% online, no ‘ifs’, ‘buts’ or ‘maybes’. They get the balance right through fortnightly synchronous seminar sessions, weekly discussion activities and regular group work, which means that there is plenty of interaction and networking amongst peers. Not being entirely sure of how I’d cope with the demands of becoming a new mum, I was also comforted by the additional flexibility of being able to defer a module if necessary. You do have up to five years to complete the programme (although it usually takes two and a half).

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2) Topic Coverage

Reading University of Birmingham’s module list, it’s clear that they have all the core business bases covered. From marketing and strategy to accounting and entrepreneurship; if it’s worth knowing, it’s a topic on the module list. I wasn’t looking to focus on a particular business niche and wanted a highly relevant degree to support my professional future, irrespective of the path my career takes in the years to come. The course also benefits from elective modules in the second year, which will enable me to tailor the MBA to my interests and build upon the theories learned in the first year.

3) Reputation

Arguably, just as important as what you learn is where you learn it and how that will look on your CV. Studying an MBA at a Russell Group University was one of my key requirements. The University of Birmingham isn’t just part of the Russell Group; it also has great rankings and a list of accolades which make it an attractive institution to study at. Birmingham Business School holds a rare ‘triple-crown’ accreditation: further still, the online degree itself is accredited too! This is particularly impressive as it is the first 100% online MBA to be accredited by AMBA. Whether considering the University, the Business School, or even the course itself, for the University of Birmingham’s Online MBA, it’s simply tick, tick, tick!”

If you have a question for Harriet, please feel free to leave a comment on this post in the section below. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about our Online MBA - it’s flexibility, module list, reputation and details on how to apply – please fill out our request for information form, or contact our Admissions Team on +44 (0)800 032 7101. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Dear Sir,

We are seeking information about your MBA program.

(1) How long does it take?
(2) How much does it cost?
(3) what are the assessment methods?
(4) Is the MBA accredited officially in U.K?
(5) what are the application requirements?
(6) Do you accept the applicant who holds Advanced Diploma in Business Management instead of a Degree credentials?

Mr. Paul Chian / Mr. Qian Long / Mr. Jaztyn Chian
Email: paulchiankc@hotmail.com

need the informatiom about Online MBA. duration, fees , structure and subjects

Hi Busani,

Thank you for your comment. For the most up-to-date information about our Online MBA, we recommend that you download a course overview brochure here: https://hub.birmingham.ac.uk/request-more-information

Many thanks,


I am very much interested in the programme but I can not the full fees. Please, can you get a scholarship?

Thank you

Henry Kweteye

Dear Birmingham team,

What is the fees of the program & what is the available scholarships for this program ?

Mohammed Alqaissi

Hello and thank you for your comments on this article. Given the broad range of questions asked, I have emailed a member of our team to follow-up. However, you can also find all the answers to your questions on our FAQs page: http://hub.birmingham.ac.uk/distance-learning-courses-faq. I hope this helps.

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