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University of Birmingham student, Vanna Curi

"My undeniably strong interest in further developing my skills and knowledge through The University of Birmingham was not a difficult conclusion to reach. I was fully aware of the University’s world-renowned reputation for excellence, high research activity and academic diversity. I pursued an Online Masters of Public Administration because it was without a doubt the most appropriate academic path for me. I could have gone to many other competitive schools to obtain my Masters, but the University of Birmingham was the one that offered the most flexibility, affordability, attentive academic staff, and most importantly; the convenient part-time timeframe."

Vanna Curi, Programme Coordinator, International Association of Immunization Managers

University of Birmingham student, Tosan Ozoro

"[I]n a Country like Nigeria (where there is great divide between the government and its citizens), many policies which are created are not communicated to majority of the population. I am passionate about learning these policies to help and fight for helpless people. I chose to study at the University of Birmingham because I wanted the best school for my studies. That and with the flexible online offering, I can keep my job and continue to earn as I study."

Tosan Ozoro, Keystone Bank

University of Birmingham student, Sharon Clayton

"I am presently a postgraduate student at the University of Birmingham studying for an Online Masters in Public Administration. I chose this course because it will help me to undertake my present role in a more professional manner and give me a better understanding of how public services can and should be delivered. Being in full-time employment I do not have the time to study a traditional campus-based course and studying online at the University of Birmingham’s gives me an opportunity to learn in my own free time and, hopefully, achieve my ambition to attain a Masters degree. This online course has many advantages which include being able to study from the comfort of my own home, at times of my own choosing, with all the appropriate readings for each lesson available online. I also have the opportunity to get to interact with fellow ‘classmates’ via discussion forums and online webinars."

Sharon Clayton, Town Clerk, Much Wenlock

University of Birmingham student, Safiya Carroll

"With an online MSc in International Business my options are not limited as this course allows anyone who studies it to work in career fields such as; Marketing, Import and Export, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Logistics just to name a few. The University of Birmingham applies a great ‘hands-on’ approach to teaching online - whether through online sessions, via email or even Skype. There are also great networking opportunities which come from studying online - the most effective I believe is through the various group projects. I have been extremely pleased with the University of Birmingham and their course offerings.”

Safiya Carroll, Portfolio Enhancer, Barita Investments Limited

University of Birmingham student, Helena Feibert

"Studying online ensures an internationally composed classroom, which complements the programme well. It adds substance and inspiration from different people and from different cultures. I find this enriching to online sessions, discussions and networking. The Online MSc in International Business felt more suited to my current career level. It will solidify my academic foundation and help to take me through the next stages of my career. I did an extensive amount of research before choosing where to send applications. I searched for a university with high standards, a schedule that accommodated my own, a course that was within my budget and a curriculum that would meet my expectations. So far I have not been disappointed.”

Helena Feibert, Senior IT Consultant, Pandora

University of Birmingham student, Patrick Gettleman

"Getting an MBA has been on my mind for the past 10 years. I have always viewed the world as 'the more education you have then more opportunities that are available'. The advancement in online learning helped open up the door for me to accomplish my long held goal of getting an MBA. The online courses have advanced greatly in both their curriculum and acceptance in the marketplace. With my job and career path I travel for work almost on a weekly basis and could not be successful with a part time course in person. I would simply miss too many classes. Online was the only option that would work for me outside of quitting my job to become a full time student."

Patrick Gettleman, Global Procurement Manager, Leading Technology Company

University of Birmingham student, Dzmitry Artsiomenka

"I hope that studying for an MBA will open up new horizons for my career. I chose to study online as I travel a lot for work. Therefore, distance learning became the only option for me. I speak from experience: I initially began my MBA on campus in Singapore, but had to tranfer to online due to my job commitments."

Dzmitry Artsiomenka, Managing Director, BPC

University of Birmingham student, Jane Mutanmangira

"I chose to study an Online MBA because I wanted to expand my knowledge and improve my managerial skills. I decided to study with the University of Birmingham, primarily because their degrees are so internationally recognised. However, it has also given me good exposure to different cultures and allowed me to study and work at the same time. It's great, particularly for women who can work their way to powerful positions in the global working world, which is traditionally much more male dominated. Now the sky is the limit, go ahead and study all you can because the world out there is waiting for you."

Jane Mutanmangira, Managing Director, Luxury Transport Company

University of Birmingham student, Kathirvel Balakrishnan

"It did not take much time to conclude that the University of Birmingham was the right choice for me due to the reputation of it's academics, world rankings and research achievements. I was confident I would gain all the necessary support during my transition and transformation into the world of business. Originally, I applied for the Online MSc International Business, but the Admissions Team recommended I applied for the Online MBA based on my professional experience and skillset. I believe this is the right course considering my career as it complements IT skills with improved business acumen."

Kathirvel Balakrishnan, Solution Architect, National Grid

University of Birmingham student, Florence Britton

"Studying online gives me the benefit of developing my career without having to leave my responsibilities of managing my own company. It has helped me as a person and it has helped my business. For every module I have studied, I have done something to improve my business. For example, when we completed the strategy module I re-developed my company's strategy. The Online MBA has given me a chance to turbocharge my career and manage my company more efficiently and effectively using the techniques acquired."

Florence Britton, Director, Rainbow Care Solutions

University of Birmingham student, Ceridwen Scerri

“An Online MBA is a win-win scenario for busy professionals like myself. I can keep my job while studying in my own time and at my own pace. When choosing a University I had three criteria. The first was communication, met through weekly synchronous sessions. The second was the University’s ranking and recognition: Birmingham is a Russell Group University and ensures a high level of education and recognition. I was also interested in how easy it was for me to gain access to the University’s resources. [Studying online] provides you with the thrilling experience of connecting globally through your computer. During my first online session, I was amazed when the class went live with students from America, Australia, Africa and Asia."

Ceridwen Scerri, Research Analyst, European Affairs at the Government of Malta

University of Birmingham student, Andrew Lavin

"I chose the University of Birmingham mainly because I had already experienced the world class teaching from my previous degree. I chose online mainly due to my travel commitments: I spend a large proportion of time on aeroplanes and in hotels for work, so it gives me adequate time to complete both reading and assignments. I would recommend an Online MBA to anyone who does not have the time to commit to a residential type course as it gives you much better flexibility."

Andrew Lavin, Global Head of Asset and Fleet Management, Aggreko